Thursday, March 29, 2018

CBSE Lessons

CBSE Lessons

 CBSE Lesson One:

How can the examination be made tension free for the students?

Ans: Reveal the paper before the examination.

CBSE Lesson Two:

How can the cheating in examination be curtailed?

Leak the paper before the examination. The students will not find any need to indulge in cheating.

CBSE Lesson Three

Which is the better education Board? CBSE or Bihar State Secondary School Board.

Ans: Obviously CBSE board. CBSE does not encourage cheating. In order to check the cheating, it leaks the paper before the examination so that students do not indulge in cheating.

CBSE Lesson Four: NCERT must look in.

What is the bad effect of Facebook?

Ans: It sensitizes the young mind and encourages to learn to steal the examination papers. Later, they can be used to steal the data and sell them to best bidders.

CBSE Lesson Five: For the consideration of Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs

What is the role of Pakistan in Paper Leakage?

Ans: It is a Pakistan handlers training course. Firstly, Pakistan trains them by teaching how to arrange the paper leakage. Then, the successful candidates are used to leak the vital information of India.

CBSE Lesson Six

Which is the best unorthodox profession - Pakora Selling or Paper Leakage?

Ans: Paper Leakage is more honourable and paying profession. The government recognise your abilities by following you.

CBSE Lesson Seven: It is for Narinder and Amit only

What is the penultimate level of Skill India?

Ans: Leak the paper from a prestigious organisation before the commencement of an examination.

CBSE Appeal: Lesson Eight: It is meant for Chairman of the UPSC

Please try to leak the civil services prelims paper from the UPSC so that we can save our skin. Ethic and Moral: Brother in need, is Brother indeed. The bad days may fall on anyone. Stop the Press: The news reporters and news channels are going to debate on CBSE achievement until June 2018.

CBSE Lesson Nine: It is for the whole Nation.

Where and how can you learn the best Juggad Technology?

Ans: If you learn to procure the question before the examination begins from CBSE, then you have on the right course of learning Juggad Technology.

CBSE Lesson Ten: A Message for Narinder to re-write his book

Who are the examination warriors?

Ans: The Examination Warriors are those who manage to leak the paper before the commencement of the examination.

CBSE Lesson Eleven:

How can the perfection be demonstrated? Option one: Help the students to copy their answers Option Two: Leak the paper so the students prepare their own answers before taking the examination.

Ans: CBSE believes perfection in executing the second option.

 CBSE Lesson Twelve:

Where does the merit lie? Option one: To help the student to write the answers to the question by providing Parchees. Option Two: To leak the paper before the commencement of the examination.

Ans: Obviously, the answer is Option Two.

CBSE Lesson Thirteen:

In whose hands, is the future safe?

 Ans: Youth

In whose hands, is the future of youth?

Ans: CBSE.

In whose hands is the CBSE safe?

Ans: Vicky Donor Tutor


IIMs of India may start a new course for Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management for the Nation from the next session.

Kindly remain updated for the next edition.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blessed Hema

Bunty: Boby, is not Hema blessed? She is now Empy of Kashi, a gateway to Heaven if one dies there.

Boby: Ya, right.

Bunty: What is so special about Hema?

Boby: She is an accomplished dancer.

Bunty: I have never seen her doing Gidda.

Boby: Dharamji is a culprit. He did not taught her that.

Bunty: Then he might have not told her that if a widow dies in Kashi, she is absolved of all her sins.

Boby: No, she is very smart. She does not want that Parkash Kaur should die there.

Bunty: Hey, you are incredulous in your observation. You are insensitive. This Madrassan is not like that.

Boby: Oh, Sorry, I apologize. Actually, I am Jat Yamala Pagal and Bhondu.

NaMo and Xi Meet

Boby: "Why is Modi going so aggressively towards East Asian Countries?
Bunty: Don't you know? He is a Gujarati. He wants to visit California. He is thinking differently.

Boby: Why is Xi shown looking intensely at the face of Modi?

Bunty: Simple man, He wanted to launch a Modi doll. Soon you will find Chinese Modi dolls in the Indian market.

Boby: Why is Chinese Army threatening on the Ladakh boarder?

Bunty: Nothing yaar, They just want to ensure that Indians may not start calling Xi as Bhai. They had been watching Bollywood movies on Bhai log.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why do Doctors hate Apples?

What advice does a doctor never give to spouse? Ans: Take an apple If a doctor wants to divorce the spouse without saying it, then what would the doctor do? Ans: Buy home Three Kgs of Apple
If a spouse of a doctor does not take any apple and apples rotten then what does that mean? Ans: File a divorce suit or learn to live with an ill spouse.
If a doctor charge hefty fee but recommend only one medicine, then what does that mean? The Pharmaceutical company pays doctor good margin. Do not buy the shares of that company.

New Apartments wherein Men and Women are Apart

An advertisement by a builder: Pre Launch offer. Main features of an upcoming apartments. it provides considerable access to necessities like schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants with better connectivity of rail & road transport.
Vitrified flooring || Designer ceramic finish in all terrace flooring ||Modular Kitchen with full height glazed tiles || Velvet paints of premium quality of interior walls || Paneled main door || Internal doors – commercial veneer finished flush doors || concealed copper wiring || Circuit breaker ELCB || Concealed copper wiring || Intercom system for all flats with round the clock
Special protection for women and from women ensured, Separate covered pool for ladies. Separate parking for ladies to ensure lesser dent to other cars. Separate gym for ladies so that gents may exercise in peace. Rain Dance floor exclusively for women. Separate security guards for women. Separate automatic lift for women.
HDFC Home Loan for them who do not want a susral or maiyka ka ghar but an Apna Gar. Payments can be scheduled with Kitty Party payments or even in form of jewellery. Give Jewellery get apartment, return apartment and get Jewellery.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Identify the Specie

Identify the Specie:

He is the Broker of Bombay. What is the time of origin?
He generally appears somewhere around 3.20 pm on every trading day in Mumbai. He also appears occasionally when there is sudden surge in any stock by 10 to 20 percent.
How can this specie be stopped from appearing in stock exchange?
The stock exchange has made arrangement of filters. So whenever they appear, filters get activated and they disappear.

Apology to the person who appears in the snap.
Source of the snap:
Date of access: march 8, 2013.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Real Politicians at Anna's Learning Path

The victim of social vices in Delhi in 2012 has been observed as a historic turning point in India. Advani ji says so HERE.

It is a hunch that he is right. It seems that the political books have to be re-written in Delhi after realizing the real import of the act of Delhiwalas.

However, a question arises, that why do political leaders get red when Anna Hazare brand them as redundant creatures? Anna ji, it seems that the politicians are good at learning.

It is great to watch and learn that old people like Advani and Anna are good at learning.

Is it a pro-Active learning? Is it similar to pro-active political moves which Advaniji propounded when he was Deputy Prime Minister? 

CBSE Lessons

CBSE Lessons  CBSE Lesson One: How can the examination be made tension free for the students? Ans: Reveal the paper before the exam...